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Jul 22, 2019

Welcome to episode 63 of Coach Taylor Radio! Actually posting on a Monday again AND got my livestream in! Will wonders never cease!

This episode is important. It’s all about fitness vs motivation and nutrition so it may seem a little dry. But it is very important to know the reasons behind what we do!!!

On this Episode:

Insta Answers ( 9:50 )
-kind of, more like FB group discussion….
-caloric restriction
-footwear and babies
-fasting and fat loss
-proper lunging
-white potatoes

Understanding Biomechanics ( 20:00 )

Why Off-set Loading is Crucial ( 33:00 )

Squats and Deads – Change Everything ( 42:00 )
-people have a love affair with these exercises
and I think they need to go…..

Odyssey Update (2:38 )

Thanks for listening!!! Any questions do not hesitate to send them my way!

-Coach Taylor