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Feb 25, 2021

I don't say this often....but I REALLY mean it here. 

You HAVE to listen to this episode. The first half is a TON of ranty swearing...that is all important. 

BUT. Around min 28-ish......I go into THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I HAVE EVER PUT IN A PODCAST. Ever. 

You have been gaslit. And you are living in a perpetual state...

Feb 22, 2021

Last week I brought back the burpee love and in the process had people dig up a TON of fitness myths. Figured this week I would go through each and every one and share the Coach Taylor thoughts on it! 

What do I cover: 

Low carb diet

Counting reps

Circuit training

Don’t need to go to a gym to get in shape be healthy

Feb 18, 2021

The burpee. Is it really that bad? I don't think it is and I think it SHOULD have a place in your fitness program. 

I have become anti anti-burpee. The whole fitness world is on fire trashing the burpee but I think they are really, really, wrong. 

And on that need to listen because you might not be as...

Feb 15, 2021

Welcome to ep 130

No. Putting your knees on the ground during a pushup is NOT a good thing! You should be able to do pushups and there is a better way! 

Also chat about cold training - it's been a bit over blown and is powerful in ways that most people don't understand! 

And let's take a look at your CAN be...

Feb 12, 2021

On this episode I discuss how to eat at your friends house when they are serving foods you would normally not eat. Do you stop being friends with them? Bring your own food? 

I also chat about choosing exercises that allow your body to rotate (twist!) properly AND about what size kettlebells you should buy!!!