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May 6, 2019

Whew. Thought this was going to be a mellow episode and it ended up being my most ranty episode yet. There are just some things that blow my fucking mind…..

And they all seem to have made their way into this episode. Enjoy!


On this episode:

Everyone is on a diet (39:00 )
-they are all fucking stupid
-the people promoting them are stupider
-FML. Fasting frees your life (24:53 )
– there is more and more to fasting that I am discovering

Insta Answers (17:40 )
-what are my beard goals?
-how important is sleep?
-do we need rest days?

Walking 5km isn’t special ( 35:00)

Odyssey update ( 7:29)


Thank you all for listening! Don’t listen to this one in public without headphones…..

-Coach Taylor