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Apr 8, 2019

Welcome to episode 48 of Coach Taylor Radio!!

WHEW!!! This is the longest episode yet, clocking in at just over an hour! But it is all important stuff!!!!! I keep saying that this is the most important episode ever but this time I really mean it! Lol – kind of. It is important to be sure!!!

I also believe I am finding my groove and really starting to enjoy creating this content vs. doing it because I feel like I should be doing it. And, just like with your fitness, when you can make it enjoyable everything is better!

On this episode:

Why I don’t believe in progressive resistance training ( 48:09 )
-this is literally the spine of fitness and I am about
to snap it.

Can you eat sugar? Yes. ( 33:10 )

Why don’t you take me seriously? ( 24:18 )
-I know in general you do but there are some things
which people just cannot get through their heads
how serious I am being when I say it’s important!

Odyssey 2019 Update ( 5:06 )
-some big stuff in here: why I am going to buy a gun, elitest
attitudes about meat, Coach Taylor’s Kitchen, and our internal
debate about fitness

Pushups ( 41:43 )
-why to do them and how to do them

As always, thank you so much for investing your time with me, I sincerely hope that it helps you live a healthy life! Any questions or comments, send them my way!!!!

-Coach Taylor