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Apr 1, 2019

Why Low Carb Diets are Stupid and the most important segment I have ever recorded

Hello and welcome to episode 47 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!

You can listen along here on my website or if you prefer you can head over to Itunes, Google Music, or Spotify and search for Coach Taylor Simon!!!

That’s right, I am infiltrating everywhere now!

If anyone would like to watch the episode, head on over to Youtube where I will be posting the ‘cast in video form! Is it as exciting as binging Netflix? Well….I think so! 🙂

This week is the beginning of our TT Online Fitness Spring Challenge, you can check out the details – it is based on my year long health odyssey so it will be like joining me on my journey!

And remember: I am sponsored by ME!!!! Check out TT Online if you want to work with me and my team instead of following those useless insta videos that haven’t gotten you anywhere yet……

On this weeks episode:

I tell you why Paleo and Low Carb Diets are Stupid (12:33)

How Important are Group and Family Meals to Health? ( 36:42 )
–> This is actually one of the most important segments I have ever
ever put onto my podcast!!!! Listen to it!!!!!

Training With Back Pain ( 28:54 )

Inflammation and Diet ( 32-ish…. )

Why Most Fitness Research is Useless ( 23:18 )

Health Odyssey 2019 Update (3:34)


Thank you so much for listening, I sincerely appreciate your time!! If there is anything you would like me to discuss on future episodes just ask!!!!

-Coach Taylor