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Mar 11, 2019

Spot reducing body fat, probiotics and pilates

Welcome to Episode 44 of Coach Taylor Radio!!!!

On this episode:

Health Odyssey 2019 Update (3:20)

Probiotics ( 12:40 )
–> are they worth the money?
–> do they do anything?

Can you spot reduce belly fat? (28:31 )
–> yes, visiting an old topic here……

My thoughts on bariatric surgeries (20:10 )

Pilates: is it good for you? ( 31:00)

Book Recommendation ( 34:50 )
–> Every week I will recommend a book or a podcast to check out! They will be based on nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, or personal interest. My own reading and listening is very diverse so be ready !!!!!

Thank you so much for listening as always! I appreciate you investing your valuable time in my sometimes random musings!!!!