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Feb 25, 2019

The best diet programs and exercises you SHOULD be doing!

Welcome to Episode 42 of Coach Taylor Radio!

On this episode:

Odyssey 2019 Update      ( 3:20 )
–> I still think this is the best section of the podcast!!!!!!!

What is the best diet program out there   ( 44:33 )

Can Push-ups prevent heart attacks?  ( 39:53 )

Exercises you MUST include in your life  ( 16:00 )
–> This is the last segment of inclusions from my health odyssey!
–> long section with a chat about:
-inversion, cold training, cold exposure, indian clubs, the mace, and hackey sack!!!!!

Things I think are dumb   ( 32:20 )
–> Finishing off my recap from a January FB post where I listed all the things I think are fucking stupid in the world of health and fitness
–> Was getting a bit bored of this section so put the last few things together as they were kind of all related anyway!


As always! Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to my podcast!!! I truly hope it gives you some information that helps to make your life just a little bit better! Or maybe a WHOLE lot better!!!!

-Coach Taylor