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Jul 8, 2015

Ep 23 – All About HIT Training, News, Fan Questions, Physics Doesn’t Apply, Lift Lighter Weights


Welcome to Episode 23 of Coach Taylor Radio

Lot’s of awesome stuff this episode, if I do say so myself!

For any of the blogs or videos I talk about in this episode – check out my FB fanpage or Youtube channel as I try and post everything there for you!!!!

The main segment is all about HIT training.

People get so confused about what HIT training is, why it is better than cardio is, what cardio is, how it affects them, and how they should be training! I feel your pain!

I take some time to break down what HIT training is and hopefully give you a better understanding of how your body works so that you can decide what the best kind of training for you is!

Fan Questions!

  • How to firm up the upper arms
  • How to help someone with an eating disorder
  • Celebrity diets are a bunch of misleading bullshit


Lifting lighter weights will get you strong and is better for you than heavier weights.

Ummmmm….. I call bullshit.


A recent blog called out the idea that not eating enough is leading to people gaining weight.

It was just plain wrong and I will tell you why!!!!

One of the things I deal with everyday is people who aren’t successful with their fitness goals because they aren’t eating enough!!!


In the recent news segment:

-Naked athletes, kettlebells, importance of strength, healthy fat, high heels, rotating the low back, no girl pushups, your bodyfat scale, and truth about flip flops!!!!


As always, my most sincere thanks for dedicating a segment of your life to listening to my podcast. I hope to give you valuable fitness information that applies directly to your life and your efforts to improve your health and fitness!

Any questions, please feel free to message me or touch base on Facebook! I love talking and mostly about topics that are important to you!!!

-Coach Taylor