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Jan 8, 2019

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

An all new episode of Coach Taylor Radio!!!! That’s right – to kick of 2019 right I am dropping a podcast!

What is it about?

I chat about why I left the social media side of the fitness industry, why I am back and how it is going to be different!

The last year I have learned a lot and really made some dramatic changes to my philosophies when it comes to human health and fitness. I will chat about it a little in this podcast but in a lot more detail over the coming weeks!


I am embarking on a pretty awesome, some might call it scary, journey into the world of health and fitness. For the next year I am on an epic odyssey.

I chat a lot about what it is all about, why I am doing it, and what I hope to achieve! This will also guide all of the information and material that I am going to put out for the next year so tuning in will let you know if you are still interested in following my stuff!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well and AS ALWAYS I am happy to answer questions!!!!

My instagram feed and facebook page will be updated much more regularly and with more detailed information!!!!

-Coach Taylor