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Mar 2, 2020

Good Day!

Welcome to episode 95 of the Coach Taylor Podcast! Today I might have got a wee bit ranty and just a little snarky but you know, that isn’t really that abnormal, right?

On this episode:

Are Long or Short Fasts Better? ( 24:54 )

Muscle Confusion is Crap ( 47:30 )
-The idea is pervasive in fitness but it is garbage

How To Use Fitness Equipment (32:30 )
-There is a ton of equipment out there and it is
mostly garbage. The good stuff is misused most of the
time. Let’s talk about why.

Why You Should Go for a Walk Today ( 4:40 )

Coach Taylor Online ( 9:10 )
-Fresh vs. frozen
-My latest blog
-Facts don’t matter
-Is diet pop healthy?
-AND more!!!!!!!!

Hope the episode kept you all entertained!!!!

Questions or comments, as always, send them my way!

-Coach Taylor