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Feb 3, 2020

Here we go! Episode 91 of The Coach Taylor Podcast is out!

On this episode:

Spinning ( 24:40 )
-No, not on the bike…you. Your body…actually spinning around
-WHY would you ever do this?

Play Time! ( 33:48 )
-A few strategies to help you get off the outmoded sets and reps ideology and into a little bit more fun!

Are You Actually Training? ( 48:20 )
-You do a workout….but do you?
-Why explosive muscle contraction is key to everything

Coach Taylor Online ( 7:00 )
-Vegan junk food
-Does food affect how we feel?
-Pasta is now a vegetable
-More stuff about food…

Philosophy of Health ( 3:33 )
-What IS health?
-Why you should spend some time pondering this

91 episodes done, who knows how many more to go? One? A thousand??? We shall see!!!!!

-Coach Taylor