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Jan 27, 2020

Welcome to the 90th episode of The Coach Taylor Podcast.

I think there is some important stuff in here and I answer a question from a new friend who is in his 80’s. There is nothing more important than the message I have.

On this episode:

A Message to My Friends Dad ( 49:39 )
–> This is important. Listen to it.

Philosophy of Health ( 4:46 )
–> How much do we spend on diets?
–> What is the real cost?

Coach Taylor Online ( 12:20 )
–> hip thrusts, value of reading, corsets, getting outside in the city, franks red hot dip

Squatting (33:30 )
–> How low should you go
–> How to get better at them

The Lymphatic System (41:00 )
–> The most important thing you’re not thinking about

Thank you all for listening!!

-Coach Taylor