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Dec 11, 2019

Bold title I know. But it has to be because this past week in the world of health and fitness has demonstrated a new level of idiocy. It is even so much more than pure idiocy, it is bordering on outright stupidity.

I won’t stand idly by. I am not afraid to express my opinions. Someone has to reign in the crazy and speak some sanity!!!

On this episode:

If the Peleton ad offends you…… (51:20 )
-seriously, while it was a stupid ad, it definitely was NOT controversial, well it wasn’t until the marketers sunk their teeth in

How Your Spine Works ( 25:18)
-and why you are probably way to careful with your back

The Reverse New Year’s Challenge (37:30 )
-could you go for a whole holiday season with, GASP, no alcohol?????

Coach T Online ( 9:17)
-lot’s of great stuff!

Odyssey Update (3:30 )
-pretty scant…..kind of not much new on that front……

Hope that you enjoyed it!!!!! I had an awesome time recording this one and stand by every single statement I made!!

Much love,
Coach Taylor