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Aug 19, 2019

This ‘cast is going to either go over really well, or is going to cause me a lot of headaches…..

I would say the section on my thoughts concerning the new Weight Watchers app for kids is going to be very polarizing. It is a hard topic and I think people are looking at it through the wrong lens.

On this episode:

The Weight Watchers Kids App (44:15 )
-good or bad??

How to Lose Weight (37:00 )
-do it the PROPER way!

The Fitness Industry (24:00 )
-I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with the industry!

Insta Answers (9:00 )
-beyond lettuce salad
-tennis elbow
-hunger and intermittent fasting
-naturally boosting hormones
-tendons and ligaments
-alkaline water

Odyssey Update (3:20)
-I had to buy new clothes….

There you have it! Episode 67: one for the record books

-Coach Taylor