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Apr 15, 2019

Welcome to episode 49 of Coach Taylor Radio!

I have never spent more time prepping an episode in the history of Coach Taylor Radio. So I think it’s a great episode, however, did not hit my goal of keeping it to 45 minutes….whoops!

Had a lot of great questions and some great discussions this week and think I fit it all into this epic journey!!!! Grab some tea and come hang out!!

If you would prefer to watch the ‘cast, all episodes are being put up over on my youtube channel – so just click the link above!!!!!!

On this episode:

You need to act like a baby (52:40 )
-this is far more important than you think, listen to this section if nothing else!!!!!

Inflammation (30:30 )
-what is it and why should you care?

How to motivate yourself to train ( 43:00 )
-dive into this here and also in the insta answers segment

Odyssey Update ( 5:00 )
– cold training works
-frustrating days
-don’t fill all your moments

Insta Answers (17:00 )
-will try and add this weekly…if I remember!
-Is gut health important
-should you eat easter chocolate
-how do you make people actually exercise and not just talk


Thank you for listening!!!!

The cast is now live on itunes (and searchable finally!), as well as published on Spotify and Google Music….and apparently a bunch of other apps I have never heard of and have no idea how they work, lol.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you know how to get in touch!

-Coach Taylor