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Mar 27, 2019

Discussion of my fasting article, can kids eat fat, and why it is important to include rolling in your training

Welcome to episode 46 of Coach Taylor Radio. And you had better fucking appreciate it because it has been a LABOUR of love…oh man. Multi-tech difficulties to say the least!!!!

Why? I am now going to be filming the podcast as well as recording the audio!!!! Sooooooo….if you want to watch instead of listen then head over to my youtube page!!!!

Here is a quick link and will add to my site menu. Even if you don’t watch it – I would super appreciate a subscribe to the channel and I WILL be posting exclusive content over time!

Don’t worry! Will still be recording the audio version and it will be here and on Itunes!

On this episode:

Intro ( 00:12 )
–> This is long. A long long rant. Some people hated on me hard last week so I thought I would discuss it and go over my ban and blocking rules!

Odyssey Update ( 21:35)

Fasting Article ( 28:43 )
–>Lol, there is the podcast version and there is the youtube version. I explain and you can check out both!!!!
–> Really wanted to go into the article a bit and answer a couple of questions
–> Fasting and medications as well as fasting and working out!

Can Muscle Turn Into Fat? ( 34:07 )

Rolling ( 46:00 )
–> Not the foam roller kind but the keep you healthy for the rest of your life kind

Can Kids Eat Fat? ( 43:36 )

Stop Researching Already ( 49:12 )
–> Sometimes it is a little too much, I explain why

I thin version 4 of this weeks podcast actually worked out! Yay! If there are any issues – suck it up because I am not making version 5!!!!!

As always, I appreciate your time being invested in my podcast and any questions you have, send them my way!!!

-Coach Taylor