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Feb 11, 2019

Stretching is useless, most fitness people are stupid, and some awesome nutrition information

Welcome to Episode 40 of Coach Taylor Radio!


On this episode!!!!!

2019 Health Odyssey Update    (4:10)
–> listen to this section!!! I drop some awesome info!!!!!!

Why seafood is important  (27:00)

What foods are the best ‘treats’    (30:20)

While fasting what can you eat??  (35:20)

Fermentation Cont’d         (39:00)
–> recipes and what to expect taste wise
–> PLUS a huge truth bomb about food!!!!!!

Stretching    (45:20)
–> why I don’t prescribe it

99% of all fitness ‘coaches’ are stupid idiots (50:40)
–> Yeah…. a lot of ranting on this one – BUT also some huge knowledge bombs!!!!!!!

People have been asking me for fermenting info….here are some good books!

There are no links, so yeah, you’re going to have to search for them yourself. If that bothers you, well, then you didn’t listen to my podcast did you!!!!

As always – if you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to send them my way!!!!!

-Coach Taylor

This is a great book for people wanting to learn about fermenting for the first time. Well written, interesting, and has lots of recipes!


Sandor Katz is credited with reviving fermentation for the modern world! I have not read this book of his but it is very highly reviewed!!!

I have read this book and I love it. It is more about the history of fermenting and an amazing overview of fermenting around the world. There are no recipes but as you dive hard into fermenting you will realize there are no recipes….. 🙂