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Feb 22, 2021

Last week I brought back the burpee love and in the process had people dig up a TON of fitness myths. Figured this week I would go through each and every one and share the Coach Taylor thoughts on it! 

What do I cover: 

Low carb diet

Counting reps

Circuit training

Don’t need to go to a gym to get in shape be healthy

Beach body

Cardio machines

Online machine based group fitness

App fitness routines with 'trainers'

HITT ( a LOT of guesses here)

Stretching not needed

Cook Downs

Intermittent Fasting

Pre and pro biotics

Training Like Olypmpians not best way to stay fit

Fitness is a myth - you should go to McDonalds

Rest Days

Fruit makes you fat

Spandex are the new sweatpants

Exercise is medicine movement - doctors prescribing exercise

Specialized fitness programs

Nothing wrong with pre packaged food - some of it can be good

Don’t need to buy equipment


That should do it! 



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