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Dec 14, 2020

I have been wanting to bring you this interview for a very long time! With COVID and life we have just not been able to match schedules, however, I was finally able to get it recorded.

And at the perfect time! With The new year right around the corner and resolutions about to become a hot topic this is something you want to listen to!

Why is this interview so important to me?

Mary is the person whom I have discussed before as she did the year long health odyssey with me back in ’19 (lol…I had to write that because it sounds hilarious). I have been wanting to share her experience of the odyssey so that you can have access to another perspective.

As a working psychiatrist and mother of two small children, it was a very different set of challenges she had to overcome to be successful.

We also discuss what the last year has been like. Everyone asks us, ‘what did you do after the odyssey ended? Did you go back to all of your old habits?” We talk about what is was like to finish that year and what it was like post odyssey.

Lastly, Mary shares a lot of VERY valuable thoughts on staying motivated, how to overcome obstacles and how to reorganize how you think about your health and fitness goals. With her experience in the odyssey plus her training as a psychiatrist I think this part of the conversation is very valuable.

I hope you enjoy the interview!!!!

-Coach Taylor