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Nov 29, 2017

I have many requests to turn my Coach Taylor TV episodes into an audio version for those who hate watching long videos without famous celebrities in them….so here you go!

This is the audio from my latest Coach Taylor TV episode #28!!!

Be warned!!!!! Sometimes I do live demos, put up cool graphics etc. on the video, which obviously I cannot put into the audio podcast!!! So if there is something you want to see after hearing the episode click the FB link on the page or search Coach Taylor TV on Facebook to see the actual video!!!!

On this episode:

Hey all – I’m bbbaaaaaaaaccckkk…… Welcome to episode 28 of Coach Taylor TV.

For people who hate watching video – I also have good news…I am going to make an audio only version of my TV episodes and upload them to my podcast channel – so head to to listen or you can subscribe on itunes for all podcast updates!

On this episode:

Why am I such an egotistical asshole???? (1:00)

Intermittent fasting and your metabolic rate (12:30)
-will you trash your metabolism?

Why you should QUIT doing all seated exercise (22:15)

Kids and Teens SHOULD NOT heavy lift or OLY lift (3:10)

HIT training for youth (10:40)

Pyramid company shakes and supplements – are they any good (17:40)

Bench dips vs. parallel bar dips – which are better? (20:40)

Hope there is some good info in this episode that helps cut through some more bullshit in the world of health and fitness!!!!

As always – any questions – do not hesitate to send my way!!!!!! They just might appear in future episodes

-Coach Taylor